Life is beautiful

When the leaders are fair and proper and loving their own people

Parents educate their children with full of love and care

Members of the community help one another and they work together

Allah is adored, worshiped and obeyed

The Sunnah or traditions of the Prophet are followed like flowers blooming in the morning

To love and care for fellow beings becomes a culture

To forgive and asking for forgiveness becomes a tradition

The scholars are like the stars shining at night

Becoming a guide for the travelers on a journey

They are guided safely towards their destination

So that they can avoid any disruption and being lost

There are no castes in the society

Everyone has a place matching their abilities

Nothing is neglected and marginalized

Human rights are guaranteed and protected

Traveling anywhere safely without any worry

There is no interruption in the journey

Wherever you make a stop, you are greeted with Ahlan Wasahlan

You become a guest who are honored and well managed



Hereafter is the second nation for us to live in after this world

Over there is our eternal abode

Our comfort or hardship over there is set by how we live in this world

Be wary of living in this world so that we will not suffer and be in misery over there

There are only two places over there, Heaven and Hell

The righteous and taqwa people go to Heaven , the wicked and cruel go to Hell

Do look for our provisions with taqwa for our comfort and pleasure over there

Without taqwa, Hell will be the consequence, a horrible and agonizing place to stay

Be wary of living in this world which is temporary

Be devoted to Allah Taala and His creations

Do not be human beings who are so neglectful and like a pest

Later in the Hereafter we may not be able to bear the torment and misery

Love Allah and do fear Him , and do love His creatures

Do become someone who is devout and faithful to God

It is all right to deal with a little inconvenience which is temporary

For us to escape the troubles in Hereafter which is eternal

Let us redeem our short hardships in the Hereafter

With a little trouble , that does not last long

Let us regret earlier, a later regret is no longer useful

Let us perseveringly look for our provisions for the Hereafter

Before Asar


Who is this human being?
The first episode of his creation is from earth , it is humiliating
The place trampled by all beings
The second incident of his creation is from semen emitted from the repulsive channel
It is humiliating and also degrading
If it is wasted, no one is collecting it to put it at the place of honor
His sweat, the smell is nauseating
Whoever is nearby, his soul would agonize
The secretions out of his nose and ears are all disgusting
The excretions at the second way out are even worse, foul and embarrassing
Those are removed in the toilet
A place which is contemptible and disgusting
His tongue is also often used to harm , not for goodness
Slandering , gossiping , back biting , abusive , insulting
All these are the unseen and spiritual waste matter
These unseen and spiritual waste matter are very dangerous
They are pests of human society
His mind , his intelligence , his skill and knowledge
Commonly are to defraud, and for self-interest
His desire is worse , it is a criminal in himself that is destructive
His heart is always dominated by his lust
The king of the government within himself being controlled by his enemies
This evil king is the one who leads and prohibits
Thus, the whole of human life is destroyed
How could human being be noble ?
What is so special about human beings ?
Being noble, the main thing is if he has faith and righteousness
Otherwise, only the rotten things exist in humans .

after Asr


The people whom You love the most, O Allah
are the Messengers peace be upon them
After that are all the prophets and the saints,
Yet, they are the people who had to undergo the most number of tests
Tests after tests that You put onto them
That was the way how You treated the people whom You love
I understand the secret!
So that they can reinforce their sense of servitude
Also for You, O God to be always in their minds
Until they feel that You
are their guardian at all times
Until You are being missed and loved
Being remembered, being worshiped and adored
This is their happiness
And that’s what You want from them
This is what You love
So that they are whom You are pleased with
Then, to be mutually pleased with one another
Between You and them
This is the secret why they are being tested again and again
Apparently, despite these severe tests
there is a greater and noble secret
This cannot be understood by human beings
who has the love for the world




Salat is the mother of all worship
The official worship from God to His entire servants
It is a formal meeting
Five times, day and night with Allah
Meaning, it is a formal meeting with The King
the Almighty , the King of All Kings
Liken to an official meeting with a mortal king
Among the entire subjects
How are we , what do we actually feel
What should the preparations be?
We prepare a beautiful attire
We cleanse our body
We put on a nice scented perfume, we take a ride on a vehicle until we reach the palace
In the palace court, we sit down courteously
in front of the king
We sit down with total humility
Our shoulders hunched, while our eyes gazing towards the floor,  humbled
We do not turn our heads,  we neither look to the left nor right
Our hearts are full of concern, feeling disgrace and  in apprehension
No one dared to utter any single word
And chatting
Awaiting with great anxiety to the king’s command
What is the king’s command, what is his order, what is his entrustment
And what is his advice ?
It is the same with SALAT, a meeting with God
An official meeting , he is The King of All Kings
The King who is non-human
The King who has the Zat Most Glorious
from any other imitations
His knowledge is penetrating, His vision is penetrating,
His hearing is penetrating
With this meeting, we should be more serious
More civilized, more orderly and fearful
At that time we prepare ourselves
Cleansing our exterior and inner self
Awaiting the worship with deep feelings of apprehension
Modest, in deep concentration, tadharuk
Afraid and shameful to be talking and chatting
Except about something that is related with God
We worship in entirety, our whole mind, heart and soul
Entirely focused on God
Our physical follow to ruku’
Our thoughts follow to ruku’, our hearts follow to ruku’,
Our physical follow to sujud, our mind follow to sujud, and our soul follow to sujud
While standing upright, we should feel
as if we are in the Field of Mahsyar
While God is looking at us
Ouch, our stomach feeling squeezed, our souls should be trembling
At that time, there is nothing else that we should remember
Except, our entire heart, soul and thoughts
Only for God and nothing else
However, not so many people are that way
When they face the mortal king, they feel more fearful, modest and polite
From facing God, The Creator of human beings
Because people are not familiar with God, His Creator

Before Zuhur 23-10-1999


A Letter to Paradise

O Paradise,

I feel embarrassed every time I give my salutation at the end of my prayer. I feel embarrassed with my own self over my request to have you from Allah. And yet I really do know and I am aware that I do not deserve you at all. How could someone evil like me can enter you? How could a person like me who is still covered with sins and filth, be allowed to sit idly inside you. While my sins which are as high as a mountain, I am not certain when they will all be forgiven ! My repentance is still full of falsehood. Even though I have made efforts to repent over my false repentance…

O Jannatul Firdaus,

The news is that you will only accept people who have safeguarded and blessed hearts, while my heart is really full of rusted evil traits. Being resentful, laziness, self-centered, egoistic, arrogance, love for the world, fear of death, all these are still nesting within my heart. I am still unsure as to when I will be cured. I have fought against all of them but there are still some that remain.

O Paradise,

What other ways can I get to you? Surely, You are really waving towards the siddiqin, the syuhada and the muqarrobin for them to get inside you. Just look at me. My journey towards there, I feel that it seems to be so far away. I feel that it is beyond my reach. While Allah, Al Mighty God has prepared only two final destinations, Paradise or Hell. O no!

O Allah, please, I beg for Your blessings. As I know that, human beings are thrown into Hell because of Your justice and they enter Paradise because of Your blessings… Your blessings are what I ask for..

* The world is hard but Hell is extremely agonizing.
*The world is beautiful, but Paradise is extremely delightful.





Tests afflicted on a person
the purpose is not the same
Sometimes the tests that God afflict on a servant
is because of His curse
as the servant has been too disobedient
Sometimes with the purpose of eliminating his sins
as the person has struggled to avoid sins but he is still gets involved with sins
Sometimes with the purpose
of elevating one’s status
because of his righteousness and deep faith
Quite a number are tested with the purpose of alerting them
To give them enlightenment and guidance
If the tests are afflicted upon us
We do not know for which purpose it is for us
Therefore, as being polite and respectful with God
Since we are His servants
We should relate the tests that we received are because of our sins
or because of His wrath
So that we will always be in repentance towards Him
This is a safe way for us

after Asar



Faith and modesty
Two things that cannot be separated
It is a one in two and two in one situation
If one is corrupted, the other will be corrupted too.
In other words
Each one is in need of the other
If there is no modesty
Faith will be lost
If there is no faith
Modesty will be lost
This means that:
If one is modest
It shows that one has faith
If one is faithful, one is also modest
So, faith and modesty cannot be separated from each other
If one has no modesty in oneself
That shows that one has lost one’s faith
And if one is not strong in faith
Then one is immodest
Today, many Muslims have lost their sense of modesty
As a sign of lack of faith
Modesty comes in many forms
It happens to many people
According to their hierarchy, status and gender
Man or woman
Commonly it happens in society
Wives bad-mouthing their husbands
for having an affair
And husbands tell-tale their spouses’ bad attitude
for being mean and obnoxious at home
There are people, when they converse with others
They like to self-praise and uplift themselves
While this is a shameful act
Those who hear them will not be at ease
Some who are involved in illicit and repulsive acts
They boast about it to the others
Such as adultery, which has become a common conversation
Falling for a woman who is still married to another
Sometimes, a wife likes to talk to others about her sex life with her husband
And not only that, she will  ask  her friends about their sex lives
Some people, they brag about the bad deeds of their parents
As if they are an amusement
Some like to talk badly of their friends behind their backs
Though their friendship remains
Some like to expose their aurat to others
Though it is a shameful thing to do
While some mingle freely, male and female without limitations
Though God forbids it
Some, men and women, like to hold hands in public
Though it is a shameful act
Some people, without shame
They kiss each other in public
Acting like animals
If one has faith, then one would be ashamed to do such things
Even for a husband and wife, they would not hold hands in public
Because it is inappropriate
One who has faith and modesty would not do it
When we observe the Muslim world today
Many have lost their sense of modesty
Showing that many have lost their faith
Islam without faith
The reason why Muslims have lost their strength
In other words
Faith is the source of strength.



We get very worried about the thing we have lost
Or we are very worried if any of our things will disappear
Whereas, what we have lost may reappear
Or whatever we have lost may be replaced, and maybe even with something better
Even what we have lost, one day it will disappear as well, in other words, it will perish
There is not a single thing in this world that lasts forever
Whereas, there is something which we should be afraid of losing but we seem not to be afraid at all
Firstly, we are not afraid of losing our faith or iman
While iman or faith is our assets both in this world and Hereafter.
It is our happiness in both nations.
What is more, we are not even worried if we lose God
Losing God means we are losing His acceptance, losing His love, losing His forgiveness
Whatever we lose in this world, even if we suffer a little, it stays here in this world
In Hereafter, if we are patient or in acceptance
It will help us to gain something in Hereafter
But if we lose our faith
and losing God as well, we will be doomed
in this world and even worse in Hereafter
To lose both means we will be unlucky throughout our lives in this world and eternally unlucky in Hereafter
Why are we so afraid of losing something that is cheap?
Something which sometimes gives us a lot of headache
But why are we not afraid of losing something most valuable?
That is losing faith and losing God
How are we thinking? Who taught us to think that way?
What went wrong with the knowledge that we have until we could not make a good valuation?
While we are the masters of knowledge !

30 Muharam 1421H




Worldly pleasures have their side effects
With high position and status, there are many who are envious
There are too much work with little or no time for rest
When there is overflowing wealth, fear is endless
When will someone kidnap or when will someone cheat me?
To manage all the wealth, getting some sleep is not easy, having a rest is almost impossible
With abundant knowledge, one gets the title professor
It is quite easy to earn money as there are many invitations to present working papers
The body gets exhausted, there is no rest as well
Sometimes people give ridicule remarks
” Aah, they are just cheeky “
” Aah, with money anything is possible”
” All these are for seeking fame”
” Talk is cheap, but where is the action”
Some have beautiful looks with nice body
They become film stars or airline hostess or singers
There will be many who are rumor mongers and who are envious
Then there will be many male who are two timers chasing after them
It is not easy to choose who is the most suitable
They will be taken everywhere
Some will trade their own bodies
If the news about them get out, they feel embarrassed
They wish to settle down but no one wants to marry them
People just like to take them out
Money is plenty but the soul is empty and in misery
When the age catches up, there is no more respect and worth
The bee no longer stops by
All the friends run away, they will be left alone
May be they have a lot of money, what is the use?
Such are the worldly pleasures
Whatever you gain, there is also a loss
Within a beauty, there is something harmful
Within joy and happiness, there is always a despite
Within a glamour, there is fear
Sometime the loss far outweighs the gain
You may gain a packet but you lose a sack
Unlike the pleasures in Paradise
The gain is eternal

After Subuh