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Seeking for the truth is obligatory

It is the most valuable asset in two kingdoms

In both this temporary and in the permanent kingdom

There is only one truth

There is no second, there is no third and so forth

The truth only comes from Allah Taala who creates mortals

The truth is the colossal and the most noble achievement

It is the joy and happiness both in this world and hereafter

The truth is the path of spiritual and intrinsic in nature

But its fruits are visible within a beautiful life

Do seek for the truth, once achieved, do strive for it

If the truth is in the mountain, do climb it

If it is in the sea, do dive into it

If it is in the earth, do dig into it

If it is in the forest, do venture inside it

Seeking for the truth is extremely difficult and laborious

To strive for it is bitter but the end is sweet indeed

The journey is torturous but its result is heartening

If the truth is achieved do protect it desperately

With all the wealth, energy and soul

Hold on to the truth, do not let it go

Even though it is hot



Are we grateful with all of Allah’s favors or blessings ?
Even if we are grateful,
But with the little favors
We are grateful over miserly favors,
Which we put efforts in and the ones that we request
Probably we are grateful with the promotion that we received,
Maybe because of the wealth that we achieved
At times maybe because of our children or because of our good health
Why are we grateful with Allah Taala with His bestowals that are too miserly?
But have we ever felt grateful with Allah because of the faith and Islam that we received?
Have we felt grateful with the blessings of our existence by Allah?
Faith and Islam, favors that are beyond comparison
Our existence that we did not ask for
is also a great favor from God
Why do we not see how magnificent are the blessings of faith and Islam?!
Why didn’t we think of being grateful to God, for our existence in this world?
In fact we don’t feel anything about faith and Islam
We do not even think of our existence as favors or blessings
We see wealth as something that is great
Position and status that we see as huge and awesome
The small things we see them as big
The big things we see them as small
If we can’t even recognize favors or blessings
When we can’t even value favors or blessings
What more with God
Whom we have not yet recognize


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The battle inside us is liken to a battle between two wolves,
One of whom is evil, full of anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-pity, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is good, full of remembrance of Allah, faith, joy, peace, love and compassion, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity and truthfulness.

Which wolf will win the battle?


Watch your thoughts; they become words
Watch your words; they become actions
Watch your actions; they become habits
Watch your habits; they become character
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.



God is Most Kind ,

He does not punish the disobedience of His servants instantly

God allows them to be on their own first

God is giving them a chance to think, to be mindful and to realize

God make them see with their own eyes various incidents

Incidents which are either positive or negative to make them heedful and realize

Or God is punishing them little by little

or occasionally on them so that they understand

After going through various lessons and yet they still do not realize

God will then suspend all the pleasures and grace

Like a sudden death, prolonged paralysis , heavy  misfortune

Disarray in the family , where there is no love and affection between them

Or God just leaves them without being punished

After they are gone, only then they will be punished severely

Punishment like a painful death, sufferings in the grave , torment in the Field of Mahsyar ,

and the peak of all sufferings is Hell

Do take note of this narration

While we are still alive, we still do have time to conceive and correct ourselves

The time is not yet too late

Do return quickly to God

Do fear Allah and love Him

Do love and care for each other among mankind

What more among our own families

Once we have departed, the door to all opportunities for us to correct ourselves is closed

Do be sensible and realize from now before it’s too late


Before Zuhur


What is it that we own?
Everything there is
All belong to Allah
There is nothing that we own
We only put in our efforts

Whatever that we get
Allah has prepared for us
We belong to Allah
This world is His creation
We can own anything
It does not miss to be one of His creations
What is it that we own?

There is nothing that we own
We simply make efforts
With what is already there
Why are we arrogant?
To own what belongs to Allah
Why are we not shameful?
Towards Allah the Owner
We should be grateful to Allah
Who gives us everything
We should be shameful towards Allah

To own belongs to Him
We should not feel proud
Whatever that we have
If Allah do not give us
We do not have anything at all
We should not bring up the past

To bring up our good deeds of the past
Our good deeds with Allah
In reality, all do belong to Allah
Let us be grateful
Instead of feeling proud
Feeling grateful towards Allah

We should not bring up our good deeds of the past
We should make use of the benefits and pleasures from Allah
To serve Him
Then we should simply forget them
So that we will not bring it up again


To look after our heart is weary indeed
Even when we are cautious
When people praise us, our heart blooms like a flower
When people look down on us, it is painful like we are being poked or stabbed with a dagger
When we do good deeds
We feel excited and very eager to share the stories
We feel depressed when the stories are not shared
There is glamour
There is name
O, how unfortunate if the stories are not shared
While giving a speech, we notice the audience nodding their heads
“I am quite good actually!” the heart whispered
When seeing someone else with special abilities
Ouch! It feels like swallowing a bitter fruit
The heart wrinkles extending to the face
Or the face turns sour like vinegar
When seeing friends with weaknesses
The heart feels excited to gossip or ridicule
Ouch! It is very difficult to look after our hearts
Ouch! Where is sincerity
And yet, God’s view is at our hearts


O Allah, we have faith in You
At times when we turn away from You, please remind us
When we are kneeling before You, please put sincerity in our hearts
So that our worship will gain Your acceptance
At times when we are under trials and tribulations, please strengthen our souls
So that we are calm and composed while undergoing the tests
So that we do not sacrifice our own faith
During those moments when we are in comfort
Do not make us turn away from You, so that we feel grateful
Please instill in our hearts feelings of love and fear for You
So that we do not love and fear anything else but You
Please make us joyful by remembering You
You are what we need most
Please do not leave us
You are our life and death
Please guide us always
So that our life and death,
we will receive Your redha or acceptance