A Dialogue Between A Bad Spirit and A Good Siprit Within The Hearts of Human

A : Why are there so many versions of Islam that exist on this earth? There is only one Islam, why does it become too many?

B : Indeed there is only one Prophet Muhammad, but his enemies are numerous. So there are many branches formed in the name of Islam.

A : Ohh..really! Yes, of course … In that case which is the true Islam?

B : Precisely the one with attributes that will make all other types of Islam that exist on this earth, to consider it as deviant, polytheist and ridiculous. Because with it there is Rasulullah, while other than itself, they are the enemies of Rasulullah although most people are not aware of it.

A : Which congregation on this earth, that has Rasulullah together being with them?

B : You need to search for a congregation which consists of people who are awaiting for the Imam Al Mahdi who has gone into the invisible world, Prophet Isa who is invisible too. And the Prince Bani Tamim who has gone into the invisible world.

A : What is the connection with Prophet Muhammad SAW who has died?

B : Allah has promised that Islam will rise again for the second time. The prime mover is in a condition where his spirit is separated from his physical body. Physical body exists in the material world, while spirit is in the spiritual world. The physical body of the Prophet is extremely strong that he is capable to play a role as a symbol for the Muslim ummah to gather and meet their Prophet. The Prophet’s physical body has not decomposed. The Jews have planned numerous times to steal but all efforts have failed.

While his spirit is extremely strong, that he has demonstrated its strength during times of Isra’ Mikraj, his spirit managed to cover his physical body and being taken as far as Sidratul Muntaha within one night. (12 hours). Then he has trained 2 spiritual astronauts, for them to be able to wrap their physical bodies for their spirits to meet him in the spiritual world, and to be appointed as a messenger for the Prophet of the end of time (Rasulil Rasul), to fulfill their duties in the physical world.

That is the special attributes to differentiate Islam of Prophet Nabi Muhammad from other Islam of his enemies. Because the Prophet is currently playing his role with Nur Muhammad without Muhammad’s physical body. While it is an impossibility for his enemies to lead with their spirit without their physical bodies!

A : What is the connection between Prophet Isa, Imam Mahdi dan Prince Bani Tamim ( Fata at Tamimi ) who are all invisible?

B : Observe the earth. The earth in the West are in havoc pressed by a power invisible to the naked eye. The earth in the East is full of miraculous events. A sign of combinations of power of Nur Muhammad with his team, they are winning and ruling the government on earth. When this has occurred, when the spiritual government has overtaken and rule the earth, just wait for the emergence of the physical which has been wrapped by the spirit to appear as a leader by Prince of Bani Tamim. And do wait for the appearance of Imam Mahdi who will make the declaration and decree Islam for the empire or the world. And do wait for the return of Prophet Isa a.s. to kill dajjal dan make the entire Christian people embrace Islam and submit to the government of Imam Mahdi.

Then do wait for the earth to be folded, the sky to be rolled for everything to move into the world of Hereafter!


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