A Letter For HELL !

Every single day I think of you, O Hell.
That is when I complete my prayer with these words:

I seek protection from fire in Hell. O Hell, I am really afraid of your tortures.

You truly exist, isn’t that so?
A well or ocean of fire that is most awful!
And most likely I will be heading towards there because of my sins which are not pardoned by Allah!

What is the way for me to get away from you?
Surely you do not like me to enter your fire, isn’t that so?
But how does a human being live to be able to do it?
What is it that we live for when Hell is at the end of it?
When one does not have faith and believe in Hell, one is considered as an infidel.
So, when there is faith, it is unlikely that we do not prepare ourselves to protect us from the its scorching fire?

O Allah, please help, do let us be members of Hell.
Please do something in our lives O Allah, something that can be considered to be able to save us from the unbearable punishments resulting from Your Wrath O Allah.
We are mere servants, O Allah.
While You will not lose anything at all if You save us..


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