Meeting & Having Conversations With God

Muslim people are extremely special. Every single day, 5 times a day, they are being called upon by God, to meet and to have a conversation with Him and in fact to be granted with victory.

For this meeting, the physical body is cleansed and clothes put on smartly, the prayer mat laid down and face turned towards the direction of Kaabah. The meeting can take place in groups, while individual meeting is allowable as well. Nevertheless, every servant is given the opportunity to speak to God. Using the Arabic language medium, we speak to Him who is invisible to the naked eyes.

He listens but does not reply directly. Everything that has happened in our lives are God’s reactions resulting from our prayers.

Why does God want us to meet Him so frequently, up to 5 times in a day? One of the reasons must be for the Muslims to train their hearts and souls to be working or active. The relationship with God is a spiritual relationship, not through the minds and of course not through the physical.

It is our hearts that speak to God. Meaning that it is a relationship through the hearts, not through knowledge and physical.

A Muslim by right, because he has performed prayers for quite a length of time, his spirit is very active.

Because in 1 day, the spirit makes 5 return journeys (mikraj) to Sidratul Muntaha to have an audience with Allah. Until his spirit falls deeply in love with Allah dan will never work and asking for things from any other than Allah. He is capable to be full time with Allah.


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