10 Reasons Why Muslims Should Not Be In The ‘Jewish Government’s Payroll’

That is our oath every time we perform our prayers that is ” Only with You will I work ( abdi) and seek for help”. This secular system was conceived by the Jews. The Jews are enemies of Allah and Rasulullah. Working for them is not considered as deeds for Allah.

2. The Jews or pro-Jewish government (secular) are merely able to give wages in the form of money, while Allah, He asked us to request for the followings in our prayers:

a. The straight path
b. The path of the Prophets and the righteous people
c. Protection from nafs (internal desires) and the Jews
d. Pardon
e. Compassion
f. Deficiencies being mended
g. Elevation of status
h. Good fortune
i. Enlightenment
j. Good health
k. Forgiveness

3. Millionaires and all billionaires in this world, even the non-Muslims, they do not accumulate their wealth through their monthly pay. Meaning, for as long as you work for a monthly pay, Muslims and Islam will not be wealthy and prosperous.

4. Abuya has previously worked as a salaried worker but he stopped. Religious teachers at that time had never had sufficient monthly pay. They too fight for their income. But Abuya was with God’s bank, he even managed to give some to his friends.

5. We are Muslim people, but we work with the Jewish system, we are also confident with the secular government that pays the wages, how many percent of Islam is in us?

6. Life as a fighter in the path of Allah that is working for Allah full time, one can become like Abuya and Ummu Jah. If Ummu works with a regular monthly pay, could it become that way? Seems like all of Ummu’s friends who are working with a regular monthly wage, they don’t turn out to be this way! GISB have branches all over the world. People in GISB who are with Ummu Jah and Abuya are now spread in all corners of the earth.

7. People who are on a regular monthly wage are tied down with life discipline similar to the Jewish style. That is prayers and many other things no longer become the guidelines for their life schedules. Normally they force their way into the life set by Allah. Why do Muslims favor the life’s discipline of a non-Muslim?

8. In the payroll system, the spirit of togetherness and working together in life diminishes. Life becomes individualistic, there is no freedom to live like a fighter for God, in fact they are unable to add-on more branches and wealth, to build an Islamic way of life.

9. Taqwa (righteousness)is the real provision for a successful life both in this world and Hereafter. Life with a regular pay, that is your life having to depend on another human being, how could you achieve taqwa?

10. Allah is our One and Only God. But having a regularly paid lifestyle, it can make people worship more than one God. Because the reality in life is that they worship towards their nafs (internal desires) and the Jewish system. What comes out from their mouth is that Allah is their God and Islam is their way of life but they yield totally to commands and wishes that come from other than Allah. Their bosses make the decisions even though it’s against the Islamic expectations.

Within a congregation, there are 1001 types of work available. If you are capable, you can do all of them. If not, do not simply stick to one type of work. 1 person of God is equivalent to 10 non-God persons.

Do your work and be a taqwa (righteous) person: then you will see how the spiritual governance and the spiritual administration play their parts!!


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