How is my grave going to be like?

How is my grave going to be like?

Later on in my grave, when questioned by the Angels Munkar and Nakir

Who is your God?

I do really hope I can give the answer
That I do not follow any other wishes except Allah
I do not obey anything that’s forbidden except Allah
For that purpose, I sacrifice all my evil desires even though it is painful indeed

Wonder how the angels are going to react
The prosecuting angels asking for my answers ?
O..let them not snarl at me
I can’t even face that, what more if I get beaten up by him
O no, O no….O God
On that day, please make my fate be not unlucky O Allah

For what do I live if I get to be disgraced in the grave?

How do I live for me to be safe?
It seems that the world is the place for me to prepare for the exams
I will be examined in my grave
Can I pass?

Even though the questions have been preset
Nevertheless, are the preparations really spot on or not?
O dear…..waiting for the day is nerve-racking
The closing day, the day to determine my fate, whether I pass and be safe forever
Or do I fail and live in sufferings forever
O my grave..,

You make me feel nervous worrying waiting intolerably..


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