Who Sent The Money Down From The Sky?

This is a guide for Muslims who wish to be wealthy and prosperous…

Look at the oxygen lingering around us but we can’t see it, and yet it is something that we need for us to live. If I exchange the term oxygen to angel, then how? Or we call it iblis? Or we rename oxygen with a new name ‘spirit’? How? Because its characteristic is something that exists but it is unseen. Nevertheless it is something we really need. The effects of its existence is people are able to live, without it people can die. Who is the ‘owner’ of oxygen?

Look at the light, coming from the sun (sky). Light exists but untouchable and yet visible. Without it, there is darkness. Darkness is something that is scary.

Who is the owner of light?

Water also comes from the sky. Rainfall is the name. Because if it flood can occur or the earth becomes fertile. Water can be seen, can be touched but it breaks if squeezed!

Who created water and send it down from the sky?

With equal importance as money, air, light and water, all are sent down from the sky. Since GISB carried out activities of ‘pulling down money’, it seems that not only air, water and light but money can also drop from the sky. Let’s get together and pull down money so that more of it will drop. Who is the owner of the money?


Vishnunair showing the coins claimed to have dropped from the sky.

Friday November 18, 2011 The Star Online

RESIDENTS of Taman Kledang in Sungei Siput were in for a shock when coins came raining down on Tuesday night.

The news of five sen and 10 sen coins falling from the sky spread like wildfire, resulting in many people rushing to the area to witness the unusual incident, Tamil Nesan reported.

The coins, however, looked burnt and have been handed over to the police here for further investigations.

One of the residents, P. Selvam, said a 10-year-old boy from the housing estate, T. Vishnu Nair, could predict when the next incident would happen.

He said about 40 coins dropped from the sky on Tuesday night,

“The coins continued to drop until late in the night. People here are very worried about what it means,” he added.


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