Satire’s Corner 1

Satire’s Corner 1

A true story:  (Dare) to go against natural instinct?

Scenario 1:

Scenario in a TV talk show, there were 3 ladies; a hostess ( without a head cover ), a member of OWC, a feminist lady ( with head cover ).
The hostess politely posed a question to OWC member:
” The polygamy practiced by OWC can be a model for the world, yes.”
The OWC member, smiling while showing Abuya’s book on polygamy, ” Abuya is the one who have succeeded to be a model and for the world to refer to and all these has been documented in his guidance books.”

Scenario 2:
The lady feminist in full spirits said, ” Aren’t the guidelines found inside Al Quran. When we adhere to Quran, there will emerge a family of sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah which WILL NOT BE INTERFERED by a third person.”

Scenario 3:
As the programme ended, the OWC member handed a book titled “How Sweet Honey ( Sister-Wife) Is” to the hostess and it was received with warmth and a thank you. The feminist lady also wished to have the book. She said, ” I also wish to have it, I wish to know its contents. But I need to hide it from my husband, because if I don’t, surely he will wish to practice polygamy.”

Indeed, Allah has created instincts within men for them to want and also being capable to have more than one wife. Try to think, which is smarter, we fight against the instinct created by God or we support what God has created.


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