Satire’s Corner 2

Islamic Sacred Sex

A. Divorce rate: 70 divorce cases per day: quite worrying

B. Rate of abandon babies: for the last 2 years the numbers are reaching 200,000: definitely worrying

C. Those Jews feel jubilant with their success !

D. Do seek for solutions. So that people do not divorce and to have many lawful children.

E. Fight for sacred sex, that is husband and wives being given a bowl of ingredients which will increase their sexual desires to the extent that – they have it everyday.

F. When the wife is utterly satisfied, completely famished, when the husband needs more of it, well, do take another wife! Then, there will be many lawful children as there can be.

G. The ingredients are available in the spiritual world, in the hands of Prophet Muhammad. Whoever recite the salawat as much as possible, he / she will receive the ingredients, a package from the Final Prophet.


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