Fight For Sacred Sex Is Obligatory

MAKKAH: Madam Hatijah Aam, wife of the late Ashaari Muhammad, denied allegations from some parties that the publication of the book Islamic Sacred Sex was intended to challenge JAKIM, the missionary body and marriage training body for this nation.

She spoke with Buletin Rakyat, saying that the publication of the book Islamic Sacred Sex was due to the need to fulfill the responsibility in giving solutions to the problems of social degradation caused by the widespread practice of haram (illicit) sex. Global Ikhwan Sendirian Berhad (GISB) feels responsible with the many cases of abandon babies, other social problems involving the Muslim community lately.

“ Honestly, we deeply respect the role of JAKIM which continuously place Islam on its track. This includes holding courses for marriage and the like. However, with the publication of the book ISS, it was not meant to take over the responsibility and the role of specific parties but simply to put forward a useful view for the good of the Muslims too.

“Probably it is as an improvement for the currently available marriage courses to produce families which are blessed by Allah SWT both in this world and hereafter. For GISB, it is not wrong for us to share and compare our opinions instead of us giving the meaning of the publication of ISS which is obviously unbalanced,” she said.

She stressed that the West have been expressing sex with absolute openness. Is Islam incapable compared with the West, to open this knowledge on sex to its highest level surpassing the West? Is the field of sex in Islam something that is forbidden hence everything must be tightly closed? Who dares to say that Islam forbids and prevents the exposure of knowledge and techniques on this sacred sex?

“Even babies are abandoned all over the place in Malaysia (resulting from illicit sex activities, as result of the Western struggle over the Muslim ummah), one adultery occurs in every 15 minutes, every 17 minutes one baby is abandoned. Are we still thinking that sacred sex in Islam should not be exposed to the public? Who wish to take responsibility with the currently ongoing rampant cases of abandoned babies and illicit sex?

“If you conduct a survey on the Malaysian teenagers with deep knowledge on illicit sex, they can obtain it through the internet and other social network. Development in telecommunications is unable to stop and prevent the negative elements from the West seeping through the Malaysia’s cyber world. In fact, illicit sex can be downloaded for free into the student laptops without prior filtering and screening. Whether we want or not, we have to purify the minds of these teenagers that sex in Islam is even more awesome, dignified and beautiful,” she said.

GISB also stressed that the book ISS is targeted to the professional groups and above who are married, they are members of GISB and Obedient Wives Club. With the existence of Islamic sexual techniques, this will assist the Muslim fighters in their all out campaign so that the Muslims will no longer visit the massage parlours, have illicit sex and the like. Rasulullah SAW have constantly reminds the Muslims to do foreplay before their sexual copulation. However, if we were to ask how many people actually do this, how do they do it and where are the location of the sensitive points used as foreplay, almost everyone are unable to give the answers. So, the purpose of distributing the ISS book only for the members, it will be able to answer the related questions.

Indeed when Al Quran and Hadith organize marriage for the Muslim ummah, thus everything within the package is halal to be learned and taught so that the good deeds will give the maximum result. The purpose of ISS’s publication is not to challenge any parties but simply as one of the ways to provide exposure towards sacred sex, halal for producing halal offspring.

“ We express our disappointment to the people who were irresponsible in distributing the documented book without our knowledge to the extent of causing misunderstanding and false interpretation amongst many groups. We are not responsible for the distribution, however, we dare to come forward to answer only queries that is related with what OWC strive for its own people.

“GISB feels deeply worried if our actions in doing good deeds by publishing this sort of book seem to belittle some parties what more to belittle the group of fathers in this country. GISB stills respect the Islamic family institution of the country and the publication of this book is only to improve the relationship between a legal husband and wife.

“It is not our intention to seek monetary gains or to make matters worse, as a malay proverb says to further pollute an already polluted water. Aren’t we allowed to help the society to achieve good values in life? We are not concerned if this book is considered as an alternative to help reduce the divorce cases in the country but not for an instant that we wish to degrade the status of men who are considered as the protector and the head in the family,” she said.

Relating to her own self, after eight months of living in an Arab country, Ummu Jah feels like she is living in her own country. She said there are packages of Hadith for the end of time, the Messenger pbuh decreed: Islam will rise for the second time from a place in the Far East extending towards the Middle East. Meaning that Malaysia will be like Makkah in the early part of Islamic rise and spreading towards the Middle East.


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