Unique Characteristics Of Groups Of People

All groups of people, if they are not very religious
have their own characteristics
that become part of the daily lives and culture
If they meet someone
especially if that someone is their peer
the way they speak would be the same
as if it is part of their group`s identity
If a group of children meet each other
they`ll play together
they would talk about toys
foods, clothes and sweets
If it is the teenagers or youth
Among the boys, they`ll talk mostly about girls
about the girls back home, in schools and those they know
Among the girls, it`s vice versa
they’ll talk about the boys they know at their work place
they`ll spend all their time talking about it
If a group of young ladies meet up together
they`ll talk about clothes, the good and the bad of their husbands and neighbours
about beauty tips, house decor
if the husband has a position
they will talk about their husbands` status
For a man, he`ll talk about his stubborn wife
how she is making their life difficult
how she is always sulking and bad-tempered
if her parents are still around
she`ll always away with them in their home
it is difficult to control his wife
If he is an employee in an office
he`s always bad mouthing his boss at the office
the boss is unreasonable and inconsiderate
there is too much work in the office
giving him headaches
If he`s the boss in the office
he will talk about his employees
his staff never listen to him upfront
behind him it`s another situation
their loyalty seems hard to discipline
so his predicament becomes an embarrassment for his staff at the office
he lets it out when he speaks
as if to comfort himself
If he`s elderly
he`ll talk nostalgically
whether anyone wants to listen or not
he does not care
for as long his story is told
not that the story has any benefit
stories about his youth, about his marriage
about his wife, kids, his work
So every group seems to have their own story to share, it has become a trend
But it is rare for when a group meets
that they talk about God, the Hereafter, about the Prophets and the Companions
About those who strives, about the fate of their nation and religion



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