Let us sharpen the language of our hearts

The heart speaks through feeling and emotions
The mind speaks through thinking and thoughts
The desires (nafs) speak through numerous yearnings and aspirations
The eyes speaks through shapes and colours
The tongue speaks through words and conversation
The body speaks through touch and contact
Let us speak through our hearts and be cultured
Let us refine our hearts and souls
Let our hearts and souls be the language experts

That is the way it should be, for the heart is the ruler within us
The ruler has the final say
The ruler has the lawful authority
The rest of the body should be obedient subjects
To become subjects serving the king
To become loyal soldiers

If human beings are capable of accomplishing all this
Life’s journey would be beautiful and meaningful
Everything is for God
Befitting God’s reason as to why mankind exists
To give ourselves to Allah and be His caliph.



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