Allah is the source of happiness
Not everyone can feel this
It can only be felt by a soul that has taqwa
A mere du’a is delightful enough
Even though it is uncertain if it is going to be granted
Having a conversation and whispering with Allah
Its delight is already sensed
Petitioning with Him
feels so beautiful

Allah Taala is felt to be so near
But without any medium and method
He is felt to be present everywhere
But He is not there
We feel strongly that He is with us

All are without any means
God is felt that He is Most needed
Masya-Allah how beautiful it is to have God
His blessings and His bestowals are truly felt
Whether it is apparent or non-apparent

Every moment He sends down His blessings
Allah! Allah! Allah!
How magnificent it is to live with God
God is our life and death

God is everything there is
Do not forget about God!



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