You Shall Definitely Return To The Country Where You Came From


Whether you wish to return or not

You shall be forced to return

Because your original country is Hereafter

In this world, you are liken to a merchant

Seeking for provisions and wealth

Allah provides you opportunities, to look for provisions as plenty as you can

So that you shall be comfortable in the Hereafter

However, you should remember

Not to seek for forbidden items

Forbidden items are not allowed to be taken home

Anyone who does this will certainly be punished

Will you be able to withstand the punishment?

The punishment is fire in hell

Together with severe beatings, whipping and torture

By the Angel named Rabbaniah

Who is extremely fierce and vicious

Some will remain there permanently , – Wal-‘iyazubillah

And some will be punished for thousands of years

Ouch! how dreadful, Ouch! how distressful

Will we be able to withstand all these?

Everyone should be able to give their own answers!


After ‘Asar




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