Ouch! My heart is in distress when confronting Ramadhan
It is as if something is not right
I feel stressful always with its presence
In case I do not greet its arrival as well as I should

For me, the presence of Ramadhan is liken to the presence of a highly revered guest
Presence of someone revered and dignified
The arrival of someone renowned and respected
Someone who is loved and idolized
An idolized figure for one and shared by all

Ouch! How should I welcome someone like this?!
Nothing seems right
Ouch! It is worrying, which way and how should I dignify him?!
Nothing seems right
Ouch, it is worrying, which way and how should I dignify him
Befitting his greatness
Proportionately matched with his dignity and prominence
The reason for me being anxious always with his appearance
Whether I am being impolite with him
I am afraid of damaging his honour
He is a prominent man
Whom we should greet accordingly with his prominence

If he does not appear, it may be better
than for him to appear
But it has been destined by God
that he visits us once a year
Let’s greet him with deep feelings of anxiety and concern

Abuya Ashaari Muhammad Attamimi



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