Humans are forgetful beings
they forget their God
who created them from naught to being
who bless upon them with diverse pleasures

They forget their sins
yet, they are being chased by their sins
which will throw them into hell

They forget their parents
who raised them during their early years
who sent them to school to gain knowledge
who nursed their health, for them to be fit and healthy

Reaching adulthood, with knowledge gained
they become useful assets
yet, they forget their devoted and helpful teachers
who provided them vast education which in turn become their wealth
Paying cordial visits to their former teachers is unheard of
they seem to have forgotten their teachers entirely

They forget their helpful friends
who were supportive during their difficult times

They forget their roots, they forget who they actually are
They are dazzled by fame, comfort and wealth

When they are reminded of their hometown
the place where they grew up
they feel uneasy
they are embarrassed to return to their hometown

In fact, there are many things which they have forgotten
Yet, those things mentioned are part of their life history
By right, human beings should have this attitude:
As a Malay saying goes…
“We can memorialize the exact spot we fell down,
we should remember more of the places where we had fun and joy.”



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