Let us search for easy rewards

Besides the obligatory acts of worships, let us search for Allah’s rewards or pleasure the easy way.

On meeting our fellow Muslims, we should greet them with Assalamualaikum, this is our du’a for them.

We should be generous with our smile when we meet people, it is considered as an act of charity.

When we leave our home, do make an intention in our hearts that we are going to do good deeds like visiting or helping our friends.

Even if we fail to carry out what we have intended to do, it does not matter, the reward will still be granted.

There is a Hadith sayings which mean: ” The intention of a Mukmin is far better than his act of good deeds.”

When we are driving, at road intersections, if possible, do give way to other people first.
A reward is given for giving priority to other people before ourselves.

Be forgiving to our friends when they have wronged us even though they do not ask for our forgiveness.
The reward is extremely huge, in fact it brings joy to our friends.

Thorns and things that are blocking the road should be cleared right away.
It will be convenient and safe for people to use the road.

Rewards will be given similar to those people who give charity.

At night before retiring to sleep, do make an intention in our hearts that we wish to get up to perform our night prayers.

Rewards will be granted even though we fail to get up as we had overslept.

Rewards will still be given as the intention is pure.

When we dress ourselves, make an intention that we wish to look beautiful for the sake of God, as God is beautiful.

For this, the reward is certain.

What is wrongful, is when we dress ourselves to look beautiful for other people, for our own pride and to show off.

Actually, there are plenty of things that we can do to get easy rewards or God’s pleasure.
Without having to sacrifice our time or wealth.

However, we have wasted them.

Abu Nizam


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