God invited us to Him with various ways and means:

He calls, He appeals, He promises, He entices, He threatens,

He bargains, He enlightens, He awakens

and yet most human beings seem to be deaf, they are hard of hearing, they are not listening to Him.

They fail to understand, they are heedless, their hearts are incapable.

Their minds are closed and incapacitated.

They could see with their eyes but they are thoughtless.

If human intelligence is capable of differentiating between the good and the evil, between the permissible and the forbidden, between the right and the wrong, there is no necessity for Allah to send His Messengers, the Prophets. Hence, there should be countless philosophers in this world.

Usually we are unduly worried whether we can acquire what we desire. Once we have achieved what we wished for, we tend to agonize and fear for its loss and then somehow we feel as if we don’t get sufficient enough especially when we see other people get more than us. Greed then sets in. When did we stop searching for peace and happiness when both are priceless and invaluable.


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