It is not wrong to have pleasures
Which ever one, it does not matter
But we must always be suspicious with it
As it is liken to an unfaithful friend
Be prejudice with it
Have bad thoughts with worldly pleasures
It will always make us idly
Beware always with worldly pleasures
Otherwise it will always betray us
Be careful with pleasures
As it can damage us
We should be cautious always
As it can degrade our self respect

Worldly pleasures are liken to a horse
We acknowledge that a horse can easily take us anywhere
But do remember, it will always be disloyal to us
We always get thrown off or kicked by him
We should always discipline ourselves towards worldly pleasures
Do not let worldly pleasures discipline ourselves
The effect will be that we become carrier horse instead
Hence we become their slaves
Our honor gets thrown down
Thus we get humiliated

Before bedtime


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