God is needed in life
He is everything for everyone
Let us create a picture to understand who God really is
The world we live in belongs to God
In the sky above the earth there are the sun, the moon and the stars: all are God’s creations
The air we breathe so we may live, each moment to another is bestowed by God
The beating heart is the body’s engine as designed by God
The mind is used to think and gain knowledge, a gift from God
Our physical body which is in constant use for human needs, is created by God
Our heart or soul of interchanging emotions
Such as happiness, sadness, comfort and hate: ruled by God
When we are sick, we take the medicine, but God is the One who cures not the medicine itself
When we are hungry and thirsty, we need to eat, all food and drink come from God
After eating we feel full, God is the One who makes it so
We feel tired after work and in need of rest, God allows us to sleep,
Then our energy returns to normal so may continue working, God is the One who gives it back
For enjoyment, God created man and woman
so that each may make the other happy
this joy comes from God
To bring forth the next generation
this is the result of the relationship between a man and woman
The birth of a child is also an enjoyment to both the man and woman, the parents
it will help fill the emptiness of the heart
When the relationship starts to break
the child will help bring them back together
Similarly, if we ponder deeply
and observe closely that there is nothing beyond God’s control
Then, God is greatly needed in life
or life is God’s responsibility
But why do humans forget God?
Why do humans not feel God’s role?
This is why God punishes people with the feeling of emptiness
The heart in distress, though they may have power and wealth
Do fear God and love Him
God is greatly needed
God is everything in the lives of everyone



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