A wok remains a wok
A wok, where ever we put it and in whatever situation, it remains a wok
A wok is still pitch-black

Shifting places and environment, it will not change the reality
A wok is still a wok, it will not turn into a sparkling diamond
Put it in the kitchen, it remains a wok, put in on the verandah, it is still a wok
Even though it is placed on a dais, a beautiful and elegant place, it remains a wok
Similar to human beings who are Allah’s servants where ever they may be
In whatever situation they are, they remain as servants
They will not change to another being
A servant remains lowly, a servant remains weak
A servant needs help and assistance
If he is a farmer, he is still a servant
If he is a teacher, he also remains a servant
Even though he is a wealthy man, he is still a lowly servant
Even if he is a king, a minister, a high ranking official, the name servant will not change
If he is a minister, he is one of the servants who holds a high position amongst other servants
A rich person is also a servant among the servants
But servants of Allah seem to be strange
When they become a king or a minister, a high ranking official or a wealthy person, an intellectual
Their attitude and life style change
They feel extraordinary, arrogant and full of ego
They look down on other people
These are the servants who have forgotten who they are
You are lowly and yet you feel dignified.



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