Do avoid sin
Sin is the wrath from God
Keep away from sin because it is the veil between a slave with God
Flee from sin !
Because it obstructs the grace from God
Never ever commit sin
In a struggle, help will be hampered
We will face two forms of disgrace
Wrath from God and defeat

are like people who are sinking inside the ocean
it’s not easy to be saved
are like a giant snake that coils someone
waiting to be swallowed
are like a ferocious lion ready to pounce
it’s not easy to get away from its tight grip
are like a person who is being hugged by an ugly person
his whole body is covered with scabies
his blood and pus flowing
with nasty and filthy bugs
It smells so foul , nauseating to the throat
Never commit any sin
It is very shameful and despicable act
Perhaps our deeds has no value in the sight of God
It’s does not matter if there are only a few acts of worship but we do not sin
Allah Taala will remain pleased
It is meaningless to have umpteen worships with many sins
Allah will remain angry

after Zuhur


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