Love God is the true love
Human beings fall in love easily with something that strikes their eyes
Human beings also easily love something that comes to their mind
While loving something that is seen by the eye
Or something that is simple to think of
It is a miserly love
Loving something that can be detected by the heart or soul , it is hard to detect
Because the mind and the eyes are always concealing the heart
Usually, the mind and eyes destroy the soul
Because of that, the heart and soul do not recognize their Lord
For that reason, God is not missed and loved



But God is the pure and true love. Love God is eternal love
Love God, the love that brings everlasting happiness
Loving God is a superior and prestige love
Rafiqul A’la , Uppermost and Faithful Companion
Loving Rafiqul A’la, there is no disappointment
Loving God, we will never be betrayed
The love that will be our defender
The love that will be our protector where ever we are
The love that will save us in both worlds
The greatest love that is unbeatable and unmatched
The love that if people know what it is
They will not only sacrifice their wealth and energy but even their own lives.

before bedtime


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