It is confusing and difficult to seek the truth during this final era
Especially for the general public whose basic religious knowledge are just sufficient for the obligatory duties (fardh Ain)
Other than that they are unable to differentiate between the right and the wrong, the truth or the falsehood
The hypocrites are accusing other people who are actually non-hypocrites as hypocrites.
Those who are deviated from the truth are accusing those in the right path as being deviated
The non-hypocrites are being victimized, the non-deviated people are being cruelly accused
Those who are creating the bid’ah rituals are accusing people who observe the As Sunnah as people who are creating bid’ah
These are all because there are so few people who practise the As Sunnah
and as a minority, they are considered to be creating bid’ah by the majority
The followers of As Sunnah are being victimized and considered as bid’ah
The good people are considered as evil, the evil-doers are considered as good
As the good people are too few, they are being discriminated
discriminated meaning evil or bad from the perception of the majority
People of high status, anything they said are considered as the truth and correct
The general public, even though they are saying the truth,
their opinions are not being considered, even though they are pious people
People of higher status are determining the right or wrong to any problem

Isn’t it confusing for us to search for the truth?
This is the character in this final era, being far away from the Prophet
It is really difficult to search for the truth
It is similar to the search for the white or red eagle
Please show us, O Allah, the way to the truth
So that we do not get deviated on our way to You
O Allah, please save us!

Abu Ajwad
Before bedtime


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