When our heart is warm and relaxed, a cramped home feels spacious.
When our heart is cold and stressed, a spacious house feels cramped.

We need to protect the spiritual component of our hearts
Comfort, hardships, all are determined by it.
When our heart is open and relaxed, a hard life feels comfortable
A difficult life feels luxurious
Being poor and yet feeling rich and joyful
When our spiritual heart is cold and tight
Wherever we go, we feel like we are being squeezed
A wide open space feels narrow and constricted
We are wealthy and yet we feel poor, we have and yet we feel as if we have not
Whatever we eat, it doesn’t taste right
And yet there are various types of dishes served in front of us
When our heart is small and tight, we don’t know what we are looking for
As if we are searching for something that we don’t own
We feel as if we don’t own anything
We feel something is missing endlessly, we feel lacking always
Thus, the feelings of discomfort, thrusting into our hearts
Feeling of restlessness pouncing our hearts
Like our chest being affected by the invisible cancer
The only feeling there is pain

After Asar


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