AS SIRATAL Mustaqim is very clear indeed
there is nothing vague about it
Like a straight highway, a vast lengthy stretch, reaching its destination
The road is beautiful and scenic
Pleasant to the eyes, truly believable

Every single person should wish to walk on it
It is very safe indeed
Strangely, many people who walk on it, they frequently have accidents
Quite a number also have fallen on both sides of the road into the ravine
Those that hit the curb part of the road are quite a number as well
Then the car crashes in the middle of the road, disrupting the flow of incoming traffic
Why do all these happen?!
Where is the error?
Is there a flaw on the road or are the people at fault?
There is nothing wrong with the road
It is a straight road, it is clean and clear from anything that is dangerous
The ground is very firm
There are no pot holes, there are no loose gravels that can disturb the people passing through
But why do the cars fall into the ravine?!
Why the frequent accidents?!
The road is definitely straight
The person who drives the car does not drive straight
Quite a number of them take a look at the enchanting views on the left and right of the road
Not paying attention to the road traffic rules
Thus, hitting and bumping into each other
Or falling into the ravine both to their left and right
That is how beautiful Syariah in Islam
Like a straight road
Exquisite, interesting, pleasant and truly believable
However, its followers are the ones who are not straight
They do not abide the discipline of the Syariah
Quite a number of them are influenced by the worldly surroundings
Which are mesmerizing the followers
Which are waving at them like young beautiful maidens
Hence, they are lost on that straight road.

After Asar


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