By right, as servants of Allah, we should not worry about our livelihood
For as long as we are alive, there is a guarantee from Allah
Even a father is responsible towards all his children
What more with God who is Ar Rahman ( Gracious / Beneficent ) towards His servants, there must be a guarantee
Therefore, having faith in Allah is a must
and surrendering to Him for our heart to be at peace
What is important is for the servants to make an attempt to search for guidance, taqwa and iman
These are the things we need to be concerned with
These are what we should be really struggling for to achieve, there is no time to relax
Guidance, iman and taqwa, we seriously need to seek for them
We need to seek the knowledge, seriously putting them into practice, istiqamah ( religiously ) and we need a leader
Then, for our livelihood, Allah gives His guarantee
Didn’t Allah mention before in the Al Quran meaning;
” And whoever fears Allah-his livelihood is guaranteed, he does not know where the source is coming from.”
Their sins are pardoned,  their deeds are accepted
God protects them from the slyness of the devil
The enemies are unable to swindle them
They are guaranteed with victory
Hence, there should not be any worry about livelihood
What is required, is to make ourselves closer to God
When we have become God’s people, everything is guaranteed

Abu Nizam
After Asar


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