Do not belittle people so easily
Do not bring down people with ease
Do not embarrass people freely
Do not conveniently make judgement on people and be unkind towards them
Do avoid being cruel towards other people
If possible do help people who have been victimized
Do remember that we are all God’s creations
All His creations are within His Power

We live in this world which is like a wheel
One day we are up, the next day we may be down
We are not privileged all the time
Once a while we will get to smell the stench of the cow poop
We may accidentally step on filthy, stinky rubbish and waste
We must fear Allah every moment
So that we realize and be conscious always
That we are lowborn servant
Created from the lowly and filthy fluid
Hopefully, we will not be like some people who are heartless and look down upon others.



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