In Hereafter, God created Paradise and Hell
For the mortals who are alive initially in this world
Within each human there are two elements
There are good elements and there are bad elements
There are good seeds and there are bad seeds
For the good, there are paths leading to it and for the bad, there are paths leading to it as well
That is God’s fairness towards the mortals
Whoever succeed in enriching the good elements
They will experience the good path, Paradise will be their place
Whoever succeed in enriching their bad elements, Hell will be their place
Mortals can decide which elements they wish to enrich
Thus, there are many mortals who enrich their bad elements
Many of them are going to Hell
There are only so few of the mortals who enrich their good elements
Only a few of them are going to Paradise
It seems that to enrich the bad elements is a lot easier
Because there is no fight against your desires, there is no need for mujahadah
But to enrich the good elements, mujahadah ( fight against nafs ) is a must
Because of that, mortals find it difficult to do good deeds.

Before bedtime



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