When Allah is enraged with anyone

The person usually forgets his misdeeds

He is committing sins without any concern

Outsize his meager good deed

To perform a good deed is a monumental task for him

When he is in the wrong, there is no obvious remorse shown

Even if he recalls his sins, it would not matter, as to him Allah is Most Forgiving

Immorality is not an issue

His insensitivity are displayed in his words, his attitudes and his actions all are self centered

When he is pointed out why things should not be the way they are

Refutation is always in his hands

An argument to defend himself, not to act upon

He is not bothered with his own religious discipline as the days go by

His family members are left to fend for themselves

Home is no more a place for him to provide guidance and tarbiyah for the family

But he seems to be diligent in motivating others outside his home

Others may think he is a determined fighter

His family are left unguided with no directions to follow

This signifies he is a motivator with self interests

Not for religious insight or acceptance from God

After Isya’


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