The Muslim communities of the world today are neglected everywhere
Because the Muslims are striving mainly for their own bread and butter
Their political struggle is mainly for power
Power, an easier means for their livelihood
The Muslim missionaries and motivators
their intentions are also for their source of income
The economist are also seeking for wealth in their struggle
Also for their sustenance
The religious scholars are busy with seminars
The intellectuals are engrossed with knowledge
Also for the sake of their living
Therefore the general Muslim communities are left on their own
They are searching for their own ways without any directions
More and more of the unhealthy elements
Within the Muslim society have become terribly dreadful
As if, no one is giving any attention,
While at the same time, the enemies of Islam are taking the opportunity
To take control of the Muslims
Until the Muslims are no longer able to be independent
Except to depend on the enemies of Islam
However, all of the Muslim communities
That I mentioned earlier,
Are unaware and do not realize,
So, it seems that the international Muslim communities
Do not have any guidance and their life are without any directions
At the same time, the Muslim communities throughout the world
Especially their leaders
Still do not have a way out
To overcome the threatening crises
Upon the Muslims,
How long more does this situation going to last?
There is no general agreement among the international Muslim communities on how to overcome this situation



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