Human beings who live on this land of God
They are searching for all sorts of things
Most of them are able to achieve what they are looking for
Some manage to get wealth
Some manage to get power
Some manage to get name and glamor
Some manage to have women clinging around their waists
Some manage to gain strength
Some manage to get precious diamonds
Some manage to have many followers
Some are able to have God
But those who have God are so few
But strangely, those who have God
No matter how big the test that they are facing, they are able to withstand it
None of those people who have God, ever commit suicide
In life
But those that achieve something else besides God
Most of them commit suicide
As they can’t withstand when they are being tested
Sometimes, because of their wives they kill themselves
Sometimes, because of a severe illness that they can’t withstand
They take out their own lives
Sometimes, they can’t withstand the tests that come from their friends
They commit suicide
As if that is the way out
Some of them are in great agony caused by the passing of their beloved wife or husband
They commit suicide
Some of them lose their wealth, their hearts cannot withstand it
They commit suicide
Some of them who have power were then tested
Their country was attacked, they cannot withstand the test
They take their own lives
But strangely, those who have God, even though their tests
Which are a lot worse that God has befallen upon them
Not even a single one of them commit suicide
As an example in history, for the sake of our memory
Prophet Abraham AS was thrown into fire
he did not display any heartbreak
Prophet Moses AS was lost in the Field of Tea for forty years
Having to face the tantrums of his evil followers
Then having to plunge himself into the ocean
There was no disappointment in his heart, not even a size of a speck of dust
Prophet Yusof AS was separated from his father for forty years
He was betrayed by his own siblings
Then vilified with women
His heart has never been impaired
Prophet Muhammad SAW was confined
With his family for three years
In a battle, his teeth were broken
He was mired into a hole
His enemies also tried to kill him
By having him besieged in his own house
His wife was embarrassingly slandered by his enemies
But the Prophet remained calm
What is the secret?
Those who have God, no matter how big the test is
They not only do not commit suicide
But their hearts were not scarred at all
What is the secret?
Those who have God, their hearts do not have any imperfections
While the rest of the people who gained wealth
Richness, power
Precious diamonds and women
They have gained but the invaluable things
But those who have God
Even though the tests are great
They are able to withstand them
Those who have gained something else besides God
Even though plentiful, they have got something that are cheap
With little tests that they receive they are unable to withstand them
Even though they do not kill themselves
Their hearts are troubled
Their thoughts are incoherent
Their lives are on edge forever
That is just in this world
Not in Hereafter
Those who have God
They will have happiness in Hereafter
In Heaven forever
Not measured by time
Those who have got something else besides God
In Hereafter, they will lose a lot more
They will enter Hell, the torments are beyond description
It will go on forever
Unmeasured by time

3.40 pm



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