Human’s self-defense
Or a man’s fortress,
Is not his physical body, but his soul,
In other words
Human identity is not his physical ,
But his spiritual part or soul,
Because the feelings of hardship or comfort are sensed in his soul,
If a man relies weakly
with God ,
His fortress will be weak or his own identity will be weak ,
If a man has a strong reliance with God ,
He will be strong and indestructible
Or his fortress is strong ,
A man’s physical follows his soul ,
If human’s identity is fragile ,
Then the human’s physical will collapse ,
Human identity collapse at various level,
Some are mild , some are serious , some are totally destroyed ,
which then cannot be corrected ,
If human identity cannot be restored ,
Life has no more meaning to humans ,
Even though they are rich, with name, with power, with knowledge and so on,
Initially, human identity get ruined little by little,
Just like the wooden pole being infested by termite,
Initially, it was just slightly ,
After a long time, after being left unchecked,
The pole finally fell over and shattered ,
The same with human soul
Or human identity,
He collapsed down little by little like a pole being eaten by termites,
If it is not repaired immediately,
Finally it will collapse and shatter,
The soul or human identity
When it is not firmly attached with God,
Initially his heart feels unsettled,
Then it rises again ,
The soul is just sighing, moaning and groaning
After which the feelings of being tormented sets in,
Followed by deep suffering
And then by a period of depression ,
The situation is noticeable on his face,
If left unchecked again , he will be disappointed
Then, if left unchecked again ,
The peak will be feelings of desperation,
His identity has broken down and shattered ,
Then it becomes easy for that person to commit suicide
with various means,
People who are in the state desperation ,
The fact is he becomes an infidel to God ,
If he dies, he will remain in hell ‘ Waliyazubillah ‘
During this era, the identity of Muslims have been damaged ,
Either slightly damaged or badly damaged ,
Damaged at the beginning or at the end
Muslims whether they are weak or strong
All depend on their reliance towards God ,
Some of them are like wooden poles
That has been eaten up by termites,
Cannot be restored ,
Just waiting for the pole
To slump down on the ground,
The signs that indicate Muslim’s identity has blemished,
Especially those that are waiting to fall down and shatter
It can be observed through their social interactions,
Like some people who get grumpy easily and it is more like a culture ,
Hatred and vengeance become a common practice ,
Getting into arguments and fights are too easy,
Even though the problem is small ,
Eventually , it will be easier to spark a brawl
And war ,
People like that are preceded by an identity
That is already fragile ,
When fragile, it is easy for them to get offended,
Easy to be irritable ,
Easy to keep a grudge
Easy to argue
And to dispute ,
Easy to feel hatred ,
Easy to get into fights and wars ,
During this age the souls of Muslims generally
Or their identities are already diseased ,
Some of them, their own-identities
Have broken down and shattered ,
But the Muslim leaders ,
The Muslim scholars
they do not understand anymore ,
In this situation where they do not understand
They were asked to unite ,
they were asked to advance ,
they were asked to develop,
they were asked for excellence and glory,
Finally , those words turn into dreams,
Turn into slogans ,
How can the Muslims who are sick
being asked to walk ,
being asked to unite and fight?



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