Those who become millionaires today
Are not those with high qualifications
Seldom do these millionaires hold any PhDs
But the PhD holders are their employees
They become millionaires because of their great ambitions
They are willing to be independent
Until they gain plenty of experience
Life experience is a degree higher than that of the PhD
Those with the PhDs seldom have great ambition
That is the reason why they prefer to be an employee
As they can have higher income
They do not feel that they are servants
The PhD holders are the highly-paid servants
It appears that those who control the world
Are those with great ambitions
Even though they are not highly educated
But having big ambitions is greater than having any high degree
Those with big hearts are mostly the masters
Those with high degrees are mostly the servants
However, they have high status
That is why they do not feel that they are servants
The reason why leaders of the world
Whether they are true leaders or not
Seldom do they have PhDs
But if they have qualifications, they are modest at most
In America there are many knowledgeable people
But seldom do the Presidents have PhDs
But many of those with PhDs are under his command
Why do high achievers prefer to be the servants?
Mao Tzi Tong became the leader to a big population
But he was merely an office boy at his university



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