If we want to know what is a person’s pleasure,
There is no need for us to spend a lot of time to get to know him
Even though we do not know him at all ,
If we chat with him for an hour ,
We will know who he is,
If possible, let him do all the talking while we just listen,
Whatever that he talks about the most,
That will be himself ,
Based on the guidance
The Messenger of Allah has said:
“If someone likes something, he will mention it many times”

During an hour period, if he talks mostly about food
That is his pleasure,
If he mentions a lot of about money and wealth ,
That is his soul,
If he mentions a lot about women ,
That is his hobby ,
If he mentions a lot of about problems and hardships
It means he is not willing to bear sufferings,
If he prefers to talk about himself, his merits and his abilities ,
Then this person throughout his life, he loves to be praised by other people
If a person likes to mention someone’s evil traits and bad deeds,
That person himself is evil, he is named a gossip-monger,
If he prefers to talk about knowledge ,
If he loves to read and likes to tell other people, then his hobby is knowledge
or that he likes to show off his knowledge ,
If a person mentions God repeatedly ,
mentioning his sinful deeds, feeling humble and wrongful,
Frequently repeating the same words throughout his conversation ,
It shows that this person is religious,
So on and so forth, if a person says,
in a conversation with us
about the same thing many times,
That is what he is fond of,
That is how for us, if we want to know about a person ,
Even if we do not know him ,
If we see him, just let him speak while we listen,
An hour is sufficient,
Then we know who he is

10:00 pm


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