Why is the world today in this state and condition?

Why are the differences and divisions of human beings into various ethnic groups, languages, nations, religions, culture, skin colour and social status, separate rather than unite the people?

They are all homo sapiens, descendants of Adam and Eve.

Why do not these people live together in harmony, know each other well, be communicative and cooperative,
have a sense of belonging towards each other, be united and live like brothers and sisters?

After all, their feelings and needs are similar.

Why is there a huge obstacle that hinders communication between the continents,
so much so that it is totally cut-off?

Why is not there a sense of being in one big family among the people in a country?

Such a life is led by people who have lost the guidance to build a united society,
to work together and to help each other.

Whereas such guidance is required to develop an ideal life of togetherness
and to cater for their common interest so that continents, countries and individuals are able to co-exist.

Then only human society will be seen to be different from that of animals and plants.

Humans are then able to live in harmony and happiness as well as to experience universal peace and security. secure or peaceful as one family.

Neither can they see the beauty of staying together.

How do we save this situation?

If it is not saved, the world will be ruined. Man will lose his humanity and live in hell, one that he himself creates.

The key that could solve this problem and reduce its complexity is love and care.

Man, regardless of his race, language, religion and skin colour, wherever he may be and whatever status he possesses in society, is born with the instinct to love and to be loved.

If he feels that he is loved by others even though the person is from a different race or religion, he will be touched by it.

It makes him happy and he finds it easy to get along with that person.

A cruel leader if showered with love by his followers or people will become more humane and gentle.

If children express their love to a violent father, he will eventually turn soft and gentle.

This is the secret.

He is born with the need to be loved.

This is what we call natural instinct.

Love would bring continents and countries closer to each other.

It would tie men to become brothers even though they come from different races and have different languages, culture, religion, skin colour, social status and so on.

The need to be loved and the existence of such feelings in every man’s heart is endowed by ALLAH since the day he was born.

ALLAH who creates man on earth has provided these feelings of love and care in every man.

Man need not learn, request or work for it.

It is there in him right from the moment he was born.

This is known as instinctive feeling which is a natural characteristic.

Everybody, men and women have it either they are a leader or follower, parent or child, husband or wife, teacher or student regardless of their race and religion.

With this instinctive feeling, man is actually one and equal.

This need to be loved is a universal feeling.

It puts mankind in one single row and there is no difference between them.

If this feeling exists amongst them, they will unite and be considerate towards each other.

Thus, this is how it should be because that is what every soul needs.

It is the basic spiritual rights of all mankind that must be fulfilled.

There is no man who does not need it.

In fact, without it, man will lose his happiness.

Children will not be happy if they do not get love from their parents.

Similarly, parents too will suffer if their children do not love them.

Students will not be happy if they do not get love from their teachers.

Likewise, teachers too would suffer if their students do not love them.

Wives like to be loved by their husbands.

While husbands would suffer if their wives do not love them.

Leaders too, would want to be loved.

So do followers, friends and vice versa.

In short, everybody needs love from someone.

It makes them happy if they are loved.

Otherwise, he will feel disappointed and empty.

However, man today seems to be the victims of unfortunate circumstances, because they don’t get what they need most.

Husbands do not get the love they want from their wives.

Wives too do not get love from their husbands because both husbands and wives do not know how to shower love, although love is what they need.

This is what mankind suffers throughout the world.

As a result, they become tensed, restless, emotional, frustrated and some would even commit suicide.

Even though he is rich, highly knowledgeable or highly ranked, he expects to be loved.

Yet he himself does not know how to love others.

Thus, because of that, he is not loved by others.

When you hurt somebody, others will feel hurt, too.

They will lose their sympathy and respect for you.

Eventually, feelings of hatred and annoyance will grow and worsen.

Love will then totally perish.

Such is the condition of the world today.

Men would live together in a society but they are always in conflict with each other. Instead of love, hatred becomes the order of the society.

Life would be empty and the people would suffer.

How would we solve this problem?

Where would we find a way out?




  1. Wow, thank you for this wonderful piece of writing! You are writing about the most important thing! My words cannot do justice to the value in what you have written above, my friend. I can only say – Thank you.

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