Every one wants to be loved and cared for.
We would be happy if someone loves us and we would be sad if someone hates us.
That is the nature of every people’s heart, irrespective of creed or religion.
This is what we call natural instinct.
This natural instinct could not be removed from our heart.
And no heart is devoid of this instinct.
It is part and parcel of human life.
It needs to be taken care of and fulfilled like the needs to eat and drink which are instinctive needs that cannot be ignored but must be satisfied.
Otherwise, life would be incomplete and happiness will be gone

To challenge our own pure instinctive needs is just like hurting ourselves.
Just like someone who rejects marriage
he is actually going against his own instinctive needs.
That is equivalent to hurting himself.
Instead, if we care for our own instinctive needs and satisfy its requirements
we have fulfilled our responsibility towards our own selves.
Only then we would feel that we love and care for ourselves and others.

Someone who is loved by others would feel that his natural instinct has been fulfilled.
This makes him calm and happy
On the other hand, if someone feels that there is no one who loves him
and he feels everybody despises and hates him
his heart and soul would experience emptiness so much so that he feels life is meaningless and is pessimistic about the future
He would suffer from dejection and humiliation
He would feel lonely and isolated in the midst of a crowd
Life seems to be meaningless, therefore he would rather die
If he does not possess iman (faith), this man would normally decide to take his own life
Indeed, failure to fulfill one’s natural instinct would cause psychological depression, that could lead to suicide




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