Please forgive our sins, O Allah
We have sinned ever so frequently
Pardon us, O Allah!
So that we are protected from Your place of torment

Grant us repentance, O Lord
You are the Acceptor of penitence
We are incapable of entering Your place of the condemned
As the punishments are too gruesome and horrifying beyond imaginations

With Your Grace, please forgive us
Or with Your Mercy, please grant us Your pardon
If You bring upon us Your punishments
We are still Your servants, O Allah

If You forgive us, Your Greatness will not be altered
If You forgive us, Your Supremacy remain unscathed
As no one is capable of threatening You
As everything else are created by You

We are hopeful constantly, we are asking endlessly
We will not give up on You, now and forever
We will not feel sick and tired in asking
Until with Your blessings, our sins are pardoned.



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