Human beings, whether male or female
Whatever happens to them
They will not be satisfied
There is always something amiss
If one is brilliant, there’s always another person more brilliant than him
They are challenged by it
Certainly they do not like it
If one is rich
There’s always another one wealthier than him
One will envy the other
Especially if one is poor or unintelligent
Certainly he will hate it
If he is ill, he is constantly miserable
If he is healthy, he will cause hardships for others
Sometimes it is his wife, sometimes it is his children
Sometimes it is his neighbour, sometimes it is his country
His health can upset others
He is in difficulty, others add on to his difficulties
Inconveniencing each other
He is no one’s favourite
If mortals do not fear God
That will be their attitude
Making things difficult for each other
Even though they do not like it
The thing that they never despise
in their life there is only one
But they never realize it
If they are not told
For a man, he never likes not being a man
For a woman, she never regrets being a woman
Both are satisfied as how God created them



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