People who daydream and they put their hearts and soul into it
they are wasting their time
They will daydream or imagining , having a fantasy about something that they do not yet have
but they really wish to have it
Maybe they wish for a single thing or many other things that they keep in their souls
to the extent that they can’t seem to forget about it in their daily lives
Their time are wasted
They continue to ponder about it
Especially during their free time

If they daydream about woman, woman will be what they fantasize
If they daydream about wealth, wealth will be what they are fancying
If they daydream about a position, that position will be what they fantasize
While they are in the dreamland, then someone else have already got it, the more excited they become
People who daydream are self-deceptive
But what they actually get are mere waste like building castles in the air
They may get something at the end but they lose whatever they have at the beginning
What has been wasted is their time
What they get are only heart ache
In fact, the thing that they want is impossible to have,
They feel stressed, while their minds are confused, what they dream about does not exist in reality,
Someone who daydreams, if he is alone, his imaginations are prolonged
Sometimes, people who associate with him are able to notice it
But the person who fantasize feels elated as if he has achieved what he wants
This person, if he pursues his daydreams, the more he couldn’t get it, the more he would imagine.
Finally, this person will have his heart and mind full of imaginations,
His time will all be wasted
He couldn’t get what he wanted
This person lives in a dream world
By right, he should make an effort and do something that suits his abilities
But he is trying something that is beyond his reach and capabilities
But he still insists on having it like someone else who have got it
This person, his wishes does not match his abilities
This person is considered as someone who is unaware of himself
In the end, he puts himself in trouble
He wishes to have something beyond his capabilities
Then, he forced himself to daydream
To imagine about something which he may not get in the real world
To him, to fantasize is a joy even though it is troublesome
This person, if he has a wife,
His wife will be surprised but he doesn’t tell his wife what he is thinking of
People who daydream usually are absorbed in their thoughts
Time are all wasted
If he has friends, they find it uncomfortable
As if there is something troubling him
However, he is not sharing it with his friends
If he tells his friends, it will very embarrassing
He only keeps it inside his heart
Apparently, mismatched daydreaming is really a loss
As what he daydreamed about is something hard to achieve
As what he wanted is not suitable with his capabilities
But he still insists on having it, he’s forced to daydream
The time spent daydreaming, he is engrossed with himself.
Time wasted, his friends also turn to dislike him.

After Zuhr


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