If you become well known
Do remember your roots and where you came from
If you become famous
Do remember those who taught you
If you become well known
There are people who have done good deeds to you
Do remember them, do not forget who you are
If you are well known, people may be fascinated with you
Do not wish to be idolized, wanting to be famous
If you are popular, be thankful to God
If you are being admired, instill the feelings of humbleness
Do remember that Allah is the One that determines everything
Similarly with your fame, everything related to it has its cause
Do remember wherever you are
You stand on the earth that God created
No matter where you are
the sky above you belongs to Him
The air that you breathe is His
His sun shines throughout the day for you
His moon showers you with the moonlight during the night
If you do realize all these
your arrogance will disappear from you
Do remember all the pleasures you received from God
One day He will take away all these pleasures from you.

After Asar


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