God’s blessings are for everyone, and a strong believer is better than a weak one.
Wish for things which are beneficial to you, and in this,  seek God’s help. Do not lose heart.
If you are visited by misfortune, do not say,” If I had done this or that, it could have been averted.”
Because ‘if” opens the door to Satan

Keep your faith pure, even the smallest good deed will suffice

Be mindful of God and God will protect you.
Be mindful of God and you will find Him before You
If you ask, ask of God.
Know that if all the people were to gather together to give you the benefit of anything, it would be something that God had already prescribed for you, and that if they gathered together to harm you with anything, this would only be as God had already ordained.

God has imposed certain moral obligations, do not repeal them
He has forbidden certain things, do not indulge in them
He has laid down certain limits, do not violate them
He is silent on certain matters, do not knowingly argue over them.

When a believer is stricken with any hardship, or pain, or anxiety, or sorrow, or harm, or distress – even if it be a thorn that has hurt him – Allah redeems thereby some of his failings.


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