When I look at the ocean
as far as the eyes can see
it is so vast and wide that I do not see the edge
the waves toss and twirl
the stormy waves roaring ceaselessly
slamming and twisting
it sounds terrifying and scary
inside, it is petrifying
in total darkness, certainly it is suffocating
my heart whispering softly
If hell is like this
its fire fiercely thrusting like tossing waves, billowing
the sound of the fire is like the noisy sound of the wind hitting the waves
the waves moving continuously without any pause
If it is fire from Hell devouring its inhabitants
without any let-up
that is enough to be quite agonizing
I am not able to bear this
what more the Hell Fire from God
who knows how much more horrifying it can be
the more that I am not able to bear the punishment

02-05-1997 after ‘Asar



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