There are many who worship nature
but nature has been damaged by human beings
There are many who worship status and rank
finally they fall as well
There are many who worship money
they end up losing everything that they have
or they do not know what to do with it

Quite a number of those who are worship beautiful female
who eventually die or they get older
some will run away after cheating on us
finally they are lost somewhere that we cannot trace
there is no letter, there is no news

In fact, whatever that we go after, all will perish
nothing is permanent, nothing is truly dependable
there is nothing that prevails
Whatever that we have, all are disappointing
At most, at the end of life, they don’t achieve all that they want

O fellow human beings, try to use your mind and pay some attention
Make it a learning lesson, make it into an experience
Do we still wish to go after all those things again?
those things which were deceptive and disappointing

Let us worship God, He will not disappoint us
Let us love Him, He is eternal never-ending
Let us use everything to worship Him
Let us chase after anything as long as it is for God




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