When we hang onto something other than Allah, we will be disappointed
When we rely on creatures, we will be getting nowhere
Because creatures, they do not have any power
Even if they are seen to have power, that power is given by God, it  is only temporary
The power which they control , it is a power without any power
God is everything , do rely on Him with regards to all matters
We will not be disheartened, we will be contented
Do refer to Him, do brace ourselves with Him, surrender ourselves  to Him,
Do request anything from Him, we will not lose or suffer
If our request is not granted, it does not matter, God will save it in Hereafter, in Paradise
Do ask as much as we can from Him, it they are not granted, they will become treasures in Paradise
It is truly wonderful, when everything is referred to the Creator
There is no frustration, no disappointment, if we do not  get it in this world,  it will be in the Hereafter, in Paradise
But many people are fooled
Their refer to creatures who are fragile and have no power
They are weak, incapable, their own fate are also predestined by God , not determined by themselves
after Asar

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