Worldly pleasures have their side effects
With high position and status, there are many who are envious
There are too much work with little or no time for rest
When there is overflowing wealth, fear is endless
When will someone kidnap or when will someone cheat me?
To manage all the wealth, getting some sleep is not easy, having a rest is almost impossible
With abundant knowledge, one gets the title professor
It is quite easy to earn money as there are many invitations to present working papers
The body gets exhausted, there is no rest as well
Sometimes people give ridicule remarks
” Aah, they are just cheeky ”
” Aah, with money anything is possible”
” All these are for seeking fame”
” Talk is cheap, but where is the action”
Some have beautiful looks with nice body
They become film stars or airline hostess or singers
There will be many who are rumor mongers and who are envious
Then there will be many male who are two timers chasing after them
It is not easy to choose who is the most suitable
They will be taken everywhere
Some will trade their own bodies
If the news about them get out, they feel embarrassed
They wish to settle down but no one wants to marry them
People just like to take them out
Money is plenty but the soul is empty and in misery
When the age catches up, there is no more respect and worth
The bee no longer stops by
All the friends run away, they will be left alone
May be they have a lot of money, what is the use?
Such are the worldly pleasures
Whatever you gain, there is also a loss
Within a beauty, there is something harmful
Within joy and happiness, there is always a despite
Within a glamour, there is fear
Sometime the loss far outweighs the gain
You may gain a packet but you lose a sack
Unlike the pleasures in Paradise
The gain is eternal

After Subuh


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