We get very worried about the thing we have lost
Or we are very worried if any of our things will disappear
Whereas, what we have lost may reappear
Or whatever we have lost may be replaced, and maybe even with something better
Even what we have lost, one day it will disappear as well, in other words, it will perish
There is not a single thing in this world that lasts forever
Whereas, there is something which we should be afraid of losing but we seem not to be afraid at all
Firstly, we are not afraid of losing our faith or iman
While iman or faith is our assets both in this world and Hereafter.
It is our happiness in both nations.
What is more, we are not even worried if we lose God
Losing God means we are losing His acceptance, losing His love, losing His forgiveness
Whatever we lose in this world, even if we suffer a little, it stays here in this world
In Hereafter, if we are patient or in acceptance
It will help us to gain something in Hereafter
But if we lose our faith
and losing God as well, we will be doomed
in this world and even worse in Hereafter
To lose both means we will be unlucky throughout our lives in this world and eternally unlucky in Hereafter
Why are we so afraid of losing something that is cheap?
Something which sometimes gives us a lot of headache
But why are we not afraid of losing something most valuable?
That is losing faith and losing God
How are we thinking? Who taught us to think that way?
What went wrong with the knowledge that we have until we could not make a good valuation?
While we are the masters of knowledge !

30 Muharam 1421H



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