Salat is the mother of all worship
The official worship from God to His entire servants
It is a formal meeting
Five times, day and night with Allah
Meaning, it is a formal meeting with The King
the Almighty , the King of All Kings
Liken to an official meeting with a mortal king
Among the entire subjects
How are we , what do we actually feel
What should the preparations be?
We prepare a beautiful attire
We cleanse our body
We put on a nice scented perfume, we take a ride on a vehicle until we reach the palace
In the palace court, we sit down courteously
in front of the king
We sit down with total humility
Our shoulders hunched, while our eyes gazing towards the floor,  humbled
We do not turn our heads,  we neither look to the left nor right
Our hearts are full of concern, feeling disgrace and  in apprehension
No one dared to utter any single word
And chatting
Awaiting with great anxiety to the king’s command
What is the king’s command, what is his order, what is his entrustment
And what is his advice ?
It is the same with SALAT, a meeting with God
An official meeting , he is The King of All Kings
The King who is non-human
The King who has the Zat Most Glorious
from any other imitations
His knowledge is penetrating, His vision is penetrating,
His hearing is penetrating
With this meeting, we should be more serious
More civilized, more orderly and fearful
At that time we prepare ourselves
Cleansing our exterior and inner self
Awaiting the worship with deep feelings of apprehension
Modest, in deep concentration, tadharuk
Afraid and shameful to be talking and chatting
Except about something that is related with God
We worship in entirety, our whole mind, heart and soul
Entirely focused on God
Our physical follow to ruku’
Our thoughts follow to ruku’, our hearts follow to ruku’,
Our physical follow to sujud, our mind follow to sujud, and our soul follow to sujud
While standing upright, we should feel
as if we are in the Field of Mahsyar
While God is looking at us
Ouch, our stomach feeling squeezed, our souls should be trembling
At that time, there is nothing else that we should remember
Except, our entire heart, soul and thoughts
Only for God and nothing else
However, not so many people are that way
When they face the mortal king, they feel more fearful, modest and polite
From facing God, The Creator of human beings
Because people are not familiar with God, His Creator

Before Zuhur 23-10-1999



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