The people whom You love the most, O Allah
are the Messengers peace be upon them
After that are all the prophets and the saints,
Yet, they are the people who had to undergo the most number of tests
Tests after tests that You put onto them
That was the way how You treated the people whom You love
I understand the secret!
So that they can reinforce their sense of servitude
Also for You, O God to be always in their minds
Until they feel that You
are their guardian at all times
Until You are being missed and loved
Being remembered, being worshiped and adored
This is their happiness
And that’s what You want from them
This is what You love
So that they are whom You are pleased with
Then, to be mutually pleased with one another
Between You and them
This is the secret why they are being tested again and again
Apparently, despite these severe tests
there is a greater and noble secret
This cannot be understood by human beings
who has the love for the world




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